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Frequently asked questions

We have had success placing all types of music. Everything from HipHop and EDM beats, piano and guitar music, to full songs with lyrics.

Yes we do! Part of our membership service is sending out personal emails to songwriters that we believe may fit a request for music.
We have a dedicated and experienced team working with major companies to find placement leads and opportunities for our members every day!

Depending on which membership plan you choose you can upload up to 20 songs, 50 songs, or 100 songs for a Label membership.

Sign up here. Once you are signed up you can add your music and information on your Songwriter Account page.

This is an exciting moment for both of us. We will immediately email you with details about your placement.
Once your placement is accepted, we give quarterly reports on all earnings for as long as it plays.

RLP actively curates placement opportunities for songwriters with some of the largest companies in the world. 
We do a standard 50/50 publishing split on all accepted placements. We don’t make money until you do! Every single offer we receive is unique. Offers range from $100 to $50,000. Sometimes they are negotiable. 

Keep in mind RLP does not guarantee a placement or specific amount of compensation for a placement. We simply curate the deals. The compensation is from the company requesting the music. Once we are paid, we split the profits, and send your share directly to your PayPal account.
More legal information can be found here.

We notify you by email and send your payment to the same paypal you used to set up your account.

No your publishing subscription auto renews every year.

You can cancel at any time however the yearly membership fee is non-refundable after the first 30 days. Your music can be removed at anytime on your Membership Account page. If you need to you can cancel your account here.

We charge an administration fee of $1 to $2 per submission to catalog your music in our database. This is the only fee we charge to catalog your music, sell it through our marketplace, match you to targeted placement opportunities, and shop your music to our publishing partners and music directors. This is separate from our commission rate for landing a placement deal for your music.

RLP Marketplace commissions are 15%. Our commissions rate on deals we make for you by actively shopping your music is a standard 50%. This rate only applies to music our team actively shops and makes a deal for. It does not apply to placement made through our RLP Marketplace. So, if your music sells by being on our marketplace, we only make a 15% commission, and you make 85%. Since over 60% of our music placements are through our marketplace listings, we recommend adding your songs.

RLP does not enter into exclusive contracts with songwriters. You may submit music to other companies while under RLP membership. 

You are not allowed to submit the same music you submit to RLP to a different publishing or placement company at the same time. You may submit music that is self-released. You cannot submit music you do not own. If there is more than one owner or songwriter you must have written consent to submit the music. 

If your music is found to be in violation of this policy it will be removed and your membership will be revoked.