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Getting your music on a popular Spotify playlist has become one of the top ways to create a buzz around new music releases. Even better, the submission process is actually easy.


  1. Go sign up or login to Spotify for Artists. All of your unreleased music will be located within the Home or Profile sections of your artist dashboard.
  2. On the Home section, click Get Started. Look for the link next to the track you’d like to submit. You can also right-click on unreleased songs within the Profile section, and click Submit a Song.
  3. The last step is filling out the playlist submission form and provide as much information as possible about the track. The more accurate the information the better. That’s it! Submit you best music, and make sure it’s ready to compete. The quality of your mixing and mastering matters. Playlist owners want every song in their list to sound great!

Quick Notes

  • You can only submit to a playlist if you already have music on the platform and your Spotify for Artists account is set up.
  • Only unreleased tracks can be considered for a playlist.
    • Once your release is live it is no longer eligible for submission.
  • Submissions are limited to one song at a time, so if you’re choosing from an Album or EP, select your best track!
    • You will not be able to submit another track until your current submission is released.
  • Your submission must occur at least 7 days before your set release date.
    • The more time you can give Spotify, the better. Give them time to review your song.
  • Make sure you provide as much metadata about your music as possible!
    • The right metadata will help Spotify curators discover your music and place you in the most relevant playlists. This is important for submissions to RLP as well.


Please note: Submission is only available from desktop computers

Playlist submission is beneficial even if you are not accepted into one of the editorial playlists. By submitting your music through Spotify for Artists you are guaranteed placement on your follower’s Release Radar playlists which can be found in the Browse section.

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